January 2021 Update Summary:

  1. Judge Descriptions:

    1. The Tournament Manual now provides explicit definitions of A, B, and C judges. These can be found in I.C.14 of the Tournament Manual.

  1. Public Forum Debate Prep Time

    1. Prep time has been extended from 2 minutes to 3 minutes. This change has been applied in III.C.7

  1. Programmed Oral Interpretation (POI)

    1. Language has been added to clarify introduction of selections. This is more aligned with what NSDA is doing with regard to news articles. So, instead of giving the title and name of the reporter for an article, the student would say an article from NY Times. This update was added as X.F.5.a & X.F.5.b

  1. Virtual Rules

    1. Virtual Debate Rules are now listed in Appendix D

    2. Virtual Speech Rules are now listed in Appendix D