Hall of Fame

Thank you to Bill Hicks for all of his work in documenting and preserving the history of the IHSFA and the Indiana Coaches' Hall of Fame. If you have photos that you would like to share and add to our collection please email Communications@ihsfa.org


Section 1: The Hall of Fame will be made up of only accredited coaches who have at least 10 years of IHSFA coaching experience.

Section 2: Induction will be based on both service and performance.

Section 3: After the first session which had five Hall of Fame Inductees, only three people maximum will be inducted every succeeding year; however, there do not have to be three.

Section 4: The Hall of Fame Board will consist of 7 active Hall of Fame coaches. A member should not serve for more than two consecutive years. The membership will be regionally balanced. The Hall of Fame Board membership will be determined by June 15 with confirmation of balloting made to a neutral party.

Section 5: The Executive Director will appoint a Hall of Fame Chair for a two-year term with the possibility of renewal. The Chair will receive nominations, distribute and count ballots.

Section 6: Nominations may be made by any Indiana coach. They should be mailed directly to the Hall of Fame Chair. Coaches turning in nominations should do so on the written form prior to June 1 in order for the nominations to be considered.

Section 7: Once nominated, a name will remain on the Hall of Fame ballot for three years if not elected or re-nominated.

Section 8: Coaches will be inducted at the Coaches’ Conference in September.

Section 9: A plaque will be presented to each Hall of Fame coach; the large plaque containing all the names of the coaches in the Hall of Fame will be stationed with the Executive Director.