New Coach - FAQ

Where do I find the rules?

In order to play the game, you need to know the rules. They are found in our Constitution and Tournament Manual. The tournament manual has all of the rules regarding all of our events. If you have any questions, please contact or

Where do I find black binders?

The Black Book Depot. You can buy in bulk or individually. NOTE: Do not put your scripts on colored construction paper. This can be distracting, Either a black or white cardstock is the standard, black is the preference.

Where do I find materials for Informative visual aids?

  • A bag to carry slides for Informative: Art Portfolio Bag

  • Stand for the slides: Informative Stand for Info Board - adjustable metal stands are preferable to wooden ones

  • Boards for Informative: Boards Michaels Note - this is just an example - please feel free to search and find whatever supplies that you need that fit your budget & check with your Art Teacher at school. They might have a more cost effective alternative.

  • Software to make boards - Powerpoint or Google Slides. Check with your school's print shop and see if they will print your slides at the appropriate size of your boards. If not, take it to the Kinko FedEx store.

  • Spray glue for boards: Spray Glue Options

How should students use the "black book"?

Using the black book is called "book tech". Check out this video on Using the Script