State Debate - FAQ

How have the rules been modified for virtual tournaments?

Do my students have to be NSDA members to access the competition rooms?


What happens if my students have technical issues during a round? Will they have to forfeit right away?

    1. Before the round begins

      • Once a round is scheduled to begin, judges should allow students up to 20 minutes to resolve unexpected technical problems.

      • If the technical problems cannot be resolved in the allotted time, the judge should report to Tab immediately.

      • The tournament staff will declare a forfeit for the team which could not repair their technical issues and the other team will receive the win for the round.

      • If both teams were unable to resolve technical issues before the end of the 20 minute grace period

    2. During a round

      • If a competitor’s audio becomes garbled or lags, the competitor may temporarily suspend their video feed to reduce bandwidth usage. They should turn the video back on when they’ve completed their speech.

Is there a way for my students to test that they are able to log in to the program before the tournament starts?

Links coming soon!

Do I need to create accounts for my students and judges?

All students and judges will need to create an account with For help on creating student accounts visit -