Topics & Materials

Broadcasting -

  • All rounds will be prepared at the tournament

Extemp Topic Areas -


  • Quarters - Biden/Dems

  • Semi - Foreign Policy

  • Final - Covid


  • Quarters - Middle East + India and the 'stans regions'

  • Semi - Europe

  • Finals - Africa

Platforms & Format

February 27, 2021 - we will run 3 synchronous preliminary rounds in all Speech events, the top 24 competitors will be announced and move forward to the final rounds on March 13th

March 13, 2021 - we will run a quarter-final, semi-final and final round

The state series will use Speechwire for tournament management and NSDA Campus for the video component.

Extemp, Broadcasting, Duo and OP holding rooms will utilize Zoom

All students and judges will need to create an account with For help on creating student accounts visit -


  • Each school may enter up to four entries in each event, up to a total entry of forty.

  • Coaches will need to enter titles, publishers and copyright dates of any pieces used in Duo, Prose, Poetry (for each poem), POI, Drama, and Humorous. This information must be entered into Speechwire for the entry to be considered complete.


  • $6 per single event

  • $12 per duo event

  • Fee statements will be available via Speechwire following the close of registration. All checks must be postmarked the week of February 21- February 27, 2021


  • Schools are required to provide one judge for every three entries. Coaches are able to designate a judge for only one of the dates or both dates.

  • The IHSFA requires that the Head Speech Coach be present and listed as a judge for the entire day.

  • Please NOTE! If a registered judge does not appear for an assignment, the judge/team will be fined $25 per incident.

  • Clean judges must have NO connection with your team (no parents, previous competitors, teachers at your school etc)

Scholarship Nominations

Each year the IHSFA presents three scholarship awards to recognize outstanding student participants in our organization. These awards, presented at the state debate and speech tournaments, honor three legendary Indiana coaches of speech and debate: Jim Hawker, Bob Brittain, and Bill Hicks. Recipients demonstrate speech and debate acumen, but they also exhibit positive mental attitude and fine character. According to the IHSFA Tournament Manual, each school entered into the state speech and debate tournaments may nominate a senior member who participates in the state tournament to be considered for the award.