Tentative Schedule

Friday, March 11, 2022

  • 2:30 PM - Board of Directors Meeting at Fishers HS

  • 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM School Check-In and Registration

Saturday, March 12, 2022

  • 6:30 – 7:15 AM Last Chance Registration (schools are strongly encouraged to check-in and register on Fri to avoid delaying the start of 1st round)

    • Coaches may make name changes for judges until 7:15 AM, Saturday, March 12th.

    • JUDGES SHOULD REPORT DIRECTLY TO THE AUDITORIUM IN TIME FOR THE JUDGES MEETING AT 7:45 AM. - there will be NO formal judge check-in. For ANY judge who must be re-assigned for ANY ROUND, the school that he/she represents will be fined $25/ round.

  • 7:45 AM - Concurrent Meetings for Judges (Auditorium) and Contestants (Cafeteria)

    • Extemp Contestants report directly to Extemp Prep by 7:45 AM

    • Broadcasting Contestants report directly to Broadcasting Prep by 7:45 AM

  • 8:00 AM - Round 1--Extemp Prep, Broadcasting and Flight A Events

    • Round 1: BR A (Sections 1-4), DIS, DI, DUO, HI, OP, POI

    • Prep: IX, USX

  • 8:30 AM - Round 1: Extemp and Flight B Events

    • Round 1: BR B (Sections 5-8), IMP, INFO, IX, OO, POET, PROSE, USX

Host Information

  • Enter through FH19, the main entrance that you see when you enter the parking lot from Promise Road

Topics & Materials

Broadcasting -

Discussion -

Extemp Topic Areas -

Extempers will use Speechwire to conduct extemp draw - all extempers must bring a device to access their questions

Platforms & Format

  • Rounds

    • 3 preliminary rounds

    • Top 24 break to Quarter Finals

    • Top 12 break to Semi-Finals

    • Top 6 break the Final Round

  • This is an e-ballot tournament

    • All students and judges will need to create an account with Speechwire.com. Coaches must enter a valid email address for each judge.


  • The top 6 entries in each event from each Sectional Tournament will advance to the State Tournament

  • Coaches will need to enter titles, publishers and copyright dates of any pieces used in Duo, Prose, Poetry (for each poem), POI, Drama, and Humorous. This information must be entered into Speechwire for the entry to be considered complete.


  • $6 per single event

  • $12 per duo event

  • Fee statements will be available via Speechwire following the close of registration. Please bring your check with you to the State Speech Tournament


  • This is a e-ballot tournament - all judges must bring a device to use for ballot entry

  • Schools are required to provide one judge for every three entries.

  • The IHSFA requires that the Head Speech Coach be present and listed as a judge for the entire day.

  • Please NOTE! If a registered judge does not appear for an assignment, the judge/team will be fined $25 per incident.

  • Clean judges must have NO connection with your team (no parents, previous competitors, teachers at your school etc)

  • Judge Ratio

    • 1-3 entries = 1 Judge

    • 4-6 entries = 2 Judges

    • 7-9 entries = 3 Judges

    • 10-12 entries = 4 Judges

    • 13-15 entries = 5 Judges

    • 16-18 entries = 6 Judges

    • 19-21 entries = 7 Judges

    • 22-24 entries = 8 Judges

    • 25-27 entries = 9 Judges

    • 28-30 entries = 10 Judges

    • 31-33 entries = 11 Judges

    • 34-36 entries = 12 Judges

Scholarship Nominations

Each year the IHSFA presents three scholarship awards to recognize outstanding student participants in our organization. These awards, presented at the state debate and speech tournaments, honor three legendary Indiana coaches of speech and debate: Jim Hawker, Bob Brittain, and Bill Hicks. Recipients demonstrate speech and debate acumen, but they also exhibit positive mental attitude and fine character. According to the IHSFA Tournament Manual, each school entered into the state speech and debate tournaments may nominate a senior member who participates in the state tournament to be considered for the award.

Covid-19 Guidance

  • Students, judges, and observers should wear masks throughout the day unless they are eating or actively competing

  • Students can choose whether or not to wear a mask when performing. Judges should not take this into account either way when making their decisions.

  • Anyone in the room--- judges or students--- are empowered to request that everyone wear a mask during the round

Reasons someone should NOT attend the meet:

  • If a student or adult is on a school-mandated quarantine at the time of the event, they should not attend the meet.

  • If a student or adult is not feeling well and/or experiencing flu-like symptoms on the day of the event, they should not attend the meet.

  • If a student or adult has tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, March 7th or anytime since then, they should not attend the meet (regardless of vaccination status, symptoms, or subsequent negative test).

  • If a student or adult (1) knows that they meet the definition of a “close contact” (within 6 feet, unmasked, for more than 15 minutes cumulatively in a 24 hour period) to a COVID-positive person, AND (2) they (the close contact) are not fully vaccinated for COVID-19, AND (3) that possible exposure could have taken place any time on or any time after Monday, March 7, they should not attend the event, regardless of symptoms or a negative test result.