State Speech - FAQ

What rules have changed?

Virtual Rules Summary for Coaches, Judges, and Competitors:

This document is not a full summary of the rules, but a guide to major rules that have been created or retained for the Virtual State Speech Tournament. For the definitive manual regarding the updated rules, please consult the Virtual Rules on the IHSFA Website. These are also available in Appendix D of the Tournament Manual.

Event Guidelines:

1. Broadcasting will not permit the use of electronically generated sounds.

2. Discussion IS allowing microphones to remain ON during rounds. Discussion competitors may consult the internet during rounds.

3. Duos (as well as OP Duos) must perform from separate cameras. Masks are NOT required. Consult the IHSFA website for a tutorial video.

4. Impromptu must remain on screen during prep time. This will ensure that competitors are NOT using the internet.

5. Extemporaneous competitors may use the internet during their prep time.

6. No special video effects are permitted. Backgrounds should maintain a professional tone.

7. Observers are NOT permitted in the virtual rooms. Physical observers are permitted, but must not be visible, audible, or offering any aid during performances.

Maintained Rules to Keep in Mind

*While these are not in the Virtual Rules, they are retained from the Tournament Manual

1. Recording of performances is not permitted by any means.

2. A student may not use material from the same source in more than one year or in more than one event.

3. Even though Informative students are using internet enabled devices in order to perform virtually, the use of any other electronic devices is still prohibited.

4. If at any time you are uncertain about the rules for this season, please consult Tab Staff before implementing them or using them to inform scoring.

Can both members of a Duo use the same camera?

Do students need Speechwire accounts to compete?

All students and judges will need to create an account with For help on creating student accounts visit -

What happened to the Sectional tournament?

Rather than run 7 synchronous virtual tournaments across the state we're consolidating our resources to one.

What do I need my tech department to open up for NSDA Campus?

Is the elimination of the Sectional tournament permanent?

No. This change is in response to the pandemic situation.

Do students need to be members of NSDA to use NSDA Campus?